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Helping Hand Global 24/7, established in March 2009, is a non-governmental and not-for-profit organization based in London and aims to promote human rights and to tackle poverty and injustice at both the national and international levels.

The organization’s work encompasses policies and activities to raise awareness and educate the public about human rights, enable people to undertake leading action in tackling destitution on inequality, and empowering vulnerable and marginalized groups. With a particular focus on promoting international development in conflict-ridden countries, Helping Han Global 24/7’s programmes, in conjunction with field research and building local partnerships, investigate current realities and make proposals to address human rights infringements and abuse.

Helping Hand Global 24/7 aspires, and contributes to, the creation of fair equitable and prosperous societies in which the rule of law and justice mechanisms are in place to protect all citizens and particularly the most vulnerable groups and individuals.

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  • Poverty
  • Injustice
  • Violence
  • Inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment

Making sure that through the right institutions and local community activities people in need receive help.

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By supporting Helping Hand Global 24/7 you are helping those most in need. You are not only making a difference to the lives of individuals, but importantly helping entire communities to recover from conflict, impunity and devastation. Help us to fight injustice and give hope to vulnerable people who are in desperate need of your support. Please make a GIFT today.