Our activities

Helping Hand Global 24/7 promotes human rights and tackles poverty, injustice, violence, inhuman and degrading treatment among vulnerable and marginalized groups mainly migrants and black African young people and women in the UK and abroad.

It campaigns and advocates for victims of abuse and injustice, monitors human rights abuses, obtains redress for victims of human rights  abuses and violence among young people and women; relieves need among survivors of conflict and raises public awareness of human rights entitlement, abuse, violence, poverty, deprivation and ill-treatment in the UK and abroad.

Our activities:

  1. Psychosocial Counselling and support: supports groups for migrants and black and ethnic minority women victims of abuse, rape, violence, as well as one-to-one counselling to improve their mental well-being, change their life prospects and empower them through acquisition of skills that increase their social and financial prospects, regain economic independence and become active members of the community.
  2. Skills Training: Youth leadership training programme that supports young people who are marginalized, and socially excluded to develop leadership, communication, creative and innovative skills they can use to contribute to society and improve their lives as they transit to adult and working life.
  3. Research and publication: Undertakes research to monitor and document human rights abuses, compiles the results in monthly publications that are disseminated to treaty monitoring bodies.
  4. Public education/awareness: Organizes and facilitates events, debates and discussion to raise public awareness of human rights entitlement, abuses, conflicts and formulate strategies for eradication of poverty, and injustice’
  5. International programme: organizes outreach and mobile legal clinics in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Ivory Coast providing legal aid and representation for vulnerable groups who are prevented from accessing legal redress due to social, political and economic circumstances. We run skills improvement programmes for magistrates in dealing with human rights cases and work in collaboration with other likeminded non-governmental organizations in Rwanda, Burundi and Zimbabwe to lobby governments and campaign for the development and implantation of favourable policies that support the elimination of human rights infringements and improve the conditions of vulnerable groups who are experiencing sexual violence, harassment, exploitation and human trafficking.