London Projects

Helping Hand Global 24/7’s geographical focus is the London Borough of Islington where the organization’s offices are located. Drawing on local experiences, field research and consultations with local residents, Helping Hand Global 24/7 identifies vulnerable groups in the community and seeks to address their needs and promote community development.

Building youth leadership amongst marginalized and abandoned young persons is of particular interest to the organization. Across the borough, there are young people with distinctive family circumstances who are or may be at risk of harm. In light of the link between adverse circumstances and involvement in crime, Helping Hand Global 24/7 seeks to engage young people in a process where they can build their capacities and are encouraged to undertake innovative and effective action that can make a substantial difference to their communities

Another group of interest to Helping Hand Global 24/7 is that of women, victims of human rights abuse. With a particular focus on migrants and members of black and ethnic minority groups, through support groups, counselling sessions and other activities the organization envisages to help improve the quality of life of this group, to change their life prospects and empower them in becoming active members in their community. Raising public awareness across the community of the ill-treatment and abuse suffered by these women is also crucial in promoting a more tolerant and inclusive society.


International projects

Helping Hand Global 24/7 is currently focusing on the Congolese war-torn and violence stricken provinces of Maniema, Iturì, South Kivu and North Kivu, implementing major programmes to fight impunity, sexual violence and other scourges. For these activities, Helping Hand Global 24/7 is collaborating with local organizations.

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is of particular interest to the organization as the decade-long conflict has devastated the country, destroying essential infrastructure and leading to human rights abuses and poverty. The organization has traveled to the DRC, identifying local partners and holding consultations with local associations on a proposed project to tackle social inequalities and provide education opportunities to the most vulnerable groups.

Helping Hand Global 24/7 has links with human rights organizations in the developing countries of Rwanda, Burundi and Zimbabwe, with which it collaborates on activities to raise public awareness and improve the conditions of vulnerable and abused groups and individuals in those countries: exchanges information and advice on best practices; formulates lobbying and campaigning activities.