Program 1: Monitoring Human Rights Abuses

Human rights are universal rights to be enjoyed by everyone regardless of colour, race language, sex, religion, political beliefs, national or ethnic origin, social origin or other status, yet for various reasons, certain individuals or groups experience denial or transgression of their rights. Monitoring human rights abuses provides a basis for action in the face of a certain adverse situation. It involves revealing what is wrong and the challenges that lie ahead, as well as examining whether remedies intended to correct infringements are in reality effective. Helping Hand Global 24/7 compiles the results of its monitoring in periodical publications which are made accessible to treaty- monitoring bodies and international NGO’s documenting human rights, as well as to the general public.

Program 2: Obtaining Redress for the Victims of Human Rights Abuse & Injustice

Helping Hand Global 24/7 seeks to contribute to reducing injustice by informing victims of abuse of their rights and facilitating better access to legal instruments. Helping Hand Global 24/7 supports the most vulnerable groups who are ill-treated and whose access to the legal system is seriously limited by facilitating attempts to obtain redress through specialist legal advice and representation or through the establishment of a legal aid center.

Program 3: Relieving Need among the Survivors of Abuse

Survivors of human rights abuse may have suffered horrific treatment including rape, starvation, confined for months in dark cells, having their genitals mutilated, limbs hacked off eyes doused with spices. Helping Hand Global 24/7 seeks to ensure that survivors receive appropriate medical and psychological support as well as assist them in (re-) gaining economic independence. Helping Hand Global 24/7 organizes professional counseling sessions for the rape victims and provides them with facilities for recreating and opportunities to advance their education.

Program 4: Raising Public Awareness

Helping Hand Global 24/7 aims at raising public awareness of human rights, poverty and injustice by circulating findings of field research conducted and projects implemented, facilitating debates and discussions, organizing seminars and public events, writing press articles and engaging volunteers in its work. In addition, Helping Hand Global 24/7 offers educational sessions to various groups including young people to learn about human rights abuse, the realities of deprivation.  

Program 5: Eliminating Infringements of Human Rights

Helping Hand Global 24/7 highlights the importance of working towards the elimination of human rights infringements, with a particular focus on woman and children including the elimination of all forms of sexual harassment and the exploitation and trafficking in woman and children. Violations such as systematic rape, sexual slavery and forced pregnancy require a particular effective response from Helping Hand Global 24/7. Setting up outreach and mobile legal clinics, providing legal aid, strengthening the capacity of magistrates to handle such cases and encouraging key actors to adopt strategies to better prevent cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment are priorities set by Helping Hand Global 24/7 to eliminate human rights infringements particularly in developing countries.